Do you think you can go till the 18th hole?

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headcanon older damian is second shortest male robin only beating tim by like two inches

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Colin Wilkes in Li’l Gotham #11

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Li’l Gotham #11

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(From Li’l Gotham #11)

“failure closet” omg

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mother’s day is over, but our mother’s day chapter actually comes out this Sunday. so its not really a preview, but here’s a page from the mother’s day chapter that comes out this weekend. Because Teal demanded it.

and you can check here this sunday for the entire chapter, words and all that by Derek Fridolfs and myself-

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Colin & Damian || L’il Gotham #10

Best. Issue. Ever.

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Damian Wayne & Colin Wilkes in Streets of Gotham. 

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Colin Wilkes/Abuse in Streets of Gotham


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Comics that should’ve existed:

Gothamites, written by Paul Dini with art by Dustin Nguyen


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Damian and Colin.

I was looking through the art I reposted and realized I hadn’t put this one up yet.

I vaguely remember my thoughts while drawing this being that these two brats had pulled a prank on Tim.

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This is why Colin is a good influence on Damian and one of the many reasons it seems this duo is so popular with the fans.

(Also, Damian, the answer is yes, you do.)

What we don’t see is immediately after this conversation, Dick talks to both boys about the importance of a secret identity and how blood doesn’t constitute a proper mask (and is sort of creepy).

(Source: Batman: Streets of Gotham 11)

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Damian meets Rory for the first time. Happy Birthday, Sloth~

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